G.M Studio

G.M Studios is an analog studio with a modern twist.

Established in 2014 by:

Ginger Drage (Drummer/ Sound Specialist/Producer)

and Costa Panza (Muti-instrumentalist/Songwriter/Producer)

Situated near the river Thames in Brentford, West London.

Using their expertise and eye for detail they created an independent analog studio which utilises vintage outboard equipment and combines this with modern technology, These techniques that have been developed and mastered to refine a unique hybrid sound.

G.M Studios will work closely with you to nurture your sound and give you a professional, high quality release, everytime. This includes a network of professional session musicians who are available. Please ask for details

The recording studio boasts a 32 Channel Soundtrax Analogue Desk at it’s heart, along with an array of specialist microphones, analogue pre amps and outboard equipment that create the copyright sound.

Whether it’s live sessions, full productions or anything in between G.M Studios is a perfect fit.


Soundtracs PC Midi 32 Channel Analog Desk

A Beautifully restored Late 80's British Analog Desk, built just around the corner in Surbition
all the standard analog desk stuff and also a warm vintage,
4 band eq
High 10kHz +/-15dB
Hi mid sweep 350Hz-8kHz +/- 15dB
Lo mid sweep 50Hz-1kHz +/- 15dB
Low 80Hz +/- 15dB

Tube Mic

  • Rode NTK


Condersers Mic

  • Rode NT2

  • NT1 x 2

  • M3 x 2

  • Samson C02 x 2

  • Blue Spark


Dymanic Mic

  • Shure SM57 x 4

  • SM 58 x 2

  • PG52                                           

  • PG56 x 3

  • D112

  • Senheiser MD421 x 2



  • Pre-73MKII pre amp x 2

  • Comp-53MKII Compressor x 2

  • EQ 73 Classic Equalizer

  • TasCam 246 Cassette Recorder

Apollo Twin with Various Plugins including

  • Lexicon Reverb

  • Neve Pre amps and Compressers

  • Ampex and Studder Tape Emulators


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